Tesla Cybertruck Review, Range, Power, Performance – Unveiling the Allure Behind the Demand

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The Tesla Cybertruck has become a cultural phenomenon, capturing the imaginations of enthusiasts and sparking conversations worldwide. Several factors contribute to the overwhelming interest and demand for this electric pickup truck:

  • How much Tesla Cybertruck in US (2023 1-th December)?

The Tesla Cybertruck Rear-wheel drive version of the electric truck will start at $60,990 and will get 250 miles of range on a full charge. The Tesla Cybertruck all-wheel drive version will start at $79,990 and get 340 miles. And a Tesla Cybertruck Cyberbeast trim will run you $99,990 and get around 320 miles of range.


Tesla Cybertruck size: 223.7 x 95 x 70.5


  • How many miles will a Tesla Cybertruck go on a full charge? 

Tesla Cybertruck Rear-wheel drive has a maximum range of 250 miles per charge, while  Tesla Cybertruck all-wheel drive – has a range of 340 miles per chargeTesla Cybertruck Cyberbeast has range of 320 miles per charge. It’s a official Tesla’s information.

  • How fast can a Tesla Cybertruck go from 0 to 60 ?

The Tesla Cybertruck is offered in 3 trim levels:  Rear-wheel drive (Single Motor RWD) , Rear-wheel drive (Dual Motor AWD) and Tesla Cybertruck Cyberbeast (Tri Motor AWD). Tesla Cybertruck Rear-wheel drive giving a 0-60 mph time of 6.5 seconds. Tesla Cybertruck all-wheel drive giving a 0-60 mph time of 4.1 seconds. Tesla Cybertruck Cyberbeast giving a 0-60 mph time of 2.6 seconds. It’s amazing !!!

  • What is the Tesla Model X top speed?

Tesla Cybertruck Rear-wheel drive top speed 112 mph. Tesla Cybertruck all-wheel drive – 112 mph. Tesla Cybertruck Cyberbeast – 130 mph



Tesla Cybertruck Full Specifications:


Tesla Cybertruck all-wheel drive: 

Price in US $79,990
Electric Range 340 miles
Acceleration 0 – 60 mph 4.1 s.
Top Speed 112 mph
Charging Speed 250 kW DC
Release Date 2024


Tesla Cybertruck Cyberbeast: 

Price in US $99,990
Electric Range 320 miles
Acceleration 0 – 60 mph 2.6 s.
Top Speed 130 mph
Charging Speed 250 kW DC
Release Date 2024


Tesla Cybertruck Rear-wheel drive: 

Price in US $60,990
Electric Range 250 miles
Acceleration 0 – 60 mph 6.5 s.
Top Speed 112 mph
Charging Speed 250 kW DC
Release Date 2025


Don’t forget read complete Tesla Cybertruck all-wheel drive and Tesla Cybertruck Cyberbeast full specifications list!!!

1. Futuristic Design: The most obvious and distinctive feature of the Cybertruck is its unconventional and futuristic design. The angular, stainless-steel exoskeleton sets it apart from traditional pickup trucks, making a bold statement that appeals to those seeking a vehicle that defies norms and stands out on the road.

Tesla_Cybetruck_Charging_Time Tesla_Cybetruck_All-Whell_Drive_Battery_Size

2. Unmatched Performance: Tesla is renowned for its commitment to high-performance electric vehicles, and the Cybertruck is no exception. With impressive acceleration, off-road capabilities, and towing capacity, the Cybertruck positions itself as a versatile and powerful option in the electric truck segment.


3. Cutting-Edge Technology: Tesla’s reputation for innovation is reflected in the Cybertruck’s technological features. From the minimalist interior with a large central touchscreen to the advanced Autopilot system, the Cybertruck represents the pinnacle of electric vehicle technology, attracting tech enthusiasts and early adopters alike.


4. Sustainability Appeal: As the world embraces sustainability, the electric vehicle market has seen significant growth. The Cybertruck, being an all-electric vehicle, aligns with the increasing desire for eco-friendly transportation. Buyers are drawn to the idea of reducing their carbon footprint without compromising on performance or style.

5. Versatility and Utility: Pickup trucks are known for their versatility, and the Cybertruck maintains this tradition. With a spacious interior, a durable exoskeleton, and a range of accessories like the innovative Cyberquad electric ATV, the Cybertruck offers a blend of utility and recreation, appealing to a diverse range of consumers.


6. Rebel Aesthetics and Customization: In the world of automotive rebels, the Cybertruck takes on a different persona. Enthusiasts are drawn to its unconventional design not just for its futuristic appeal but as a canvas for customization. Imagine a subculture of Cybertruck owners exploring ways to modify and personalize their vehicles, turning each one into a unique expression of rebellion.

7. Hacking for Performance Tweaks: Beyond Tesla’s official specs, hacking the Cybertruck becomes a means to unlock hidden potentials. Picture a community of Cybertruck enthusiasts delving into the firmware, tweaking performance parameters, and pushing the electric truck to new limits. It’s a rebellious journey into the uncharted territories of electric vehicle customization.

8. Cybertruck as a Symbol of Counterculture: In this alternative perspective, the Cybertruck becomes a symbol of counterculture, challenging the established norms of automotive design and redefining what a pickup truck can be. Owners aren’t just buying a vehicle; they are joining a movement that embraces disruption and rejects the traditional expectations of a pickup truck.

Whether viewed through the lens of innovation, sustainability, or rebellion, the Tesla Cybertruck has carved a unique niche in the automotive landscape, appealing to a diverse range of consumers who seek more than just a mode of transportation. It represents a paradigm shift, both in design and the expectations of what an electric vehicle can achieve.


All right. Tesla updated their information. Now we know that 2024 Tesla Cybertruck All-Wheel Drive acceleration 0 – 60 mph – 4.1 sec, not a 3.9 sec.



At the moment, we cannot determine the exact acceleration of the car from 0 to 60 mph, because on different pages of the site, Tesla indicated different data. On the main page it is indicated that the car accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds, and on the car ordering page it is indicated that it accelerates in 4.1 seconds.


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