Xiaomi SU7 Review, Real Range, Battery Size, Prices, Charging Speed


Smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has unveiled its first car called EV car – Xiaomi SU7 (Speed Ultra).

Xiaomi SU7 is an electric sedan with a length of 4.9 m. Xiaomi SU7 received a raised hood, LED optics, a panoramic roof, an active wing and lights combined into one unit. The sedan was also equipped with a built-in transponder for toll roads, a special camera for driver recognition and a lidar, which was installed behind the windshield. The HyperOS operating system is installed on the SU7 on-board computer. The company believes that their car can compare with the American model in technology, and with the German car — to face off in dynamic performance.

Customers will be offered a rear-wheel drive sedan with an electric installation with a capacity of 300 hp. The 673-horsepower Xiaomi SU7 with all-wheel drive will also be available. The maximum speed of cars is 130 and 165 mph (210 and 265 km/h), respectively.

Electric motors for the car are supplied by the Shanghai United Automotive Electronics company. The range of the novelty, depending on the version, ranges from 668 to 800 km.

Sales of the new product in China should start in early 2024. The prices for the model are not yet known. According to our forecasts, the car will cost about 240,000 – 300,000 yuan ($24000 – $32000).

Ok. Here are some more specs of Chinese Xiaomi’s SU7:

• Model S competitor, 196″ long
• Up to 745 mile CLTC range
• Up to 150 kW cell to body pack (CATL), 800v
• 136 miles of charge in 5 mins
• 0-62mph in as little as 2.78s
• Drag coefficient: 0.195Cd, the lowest of any production car in the world
• Single rear casting (uses 9,100 ton casting machine)
• Air suspension
• 5.7m turning radius
• Xiaomi Pilot (uses lidar, radar, ultrasonic and cameras)
• Nappa leather seats
• 18.2 cu ft trunk space, 3.7 cu ft frunk space
• All glass roof
• Ambient interior lighting
• 3 years in the making
• Lower trims with less range and smaller batteries come out next year. The 150kW version with 745 miles of CLTC range will come out in 2025.
• No pricing has been given yet

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*Cold weather: 14 °F and use of heating. Mild weather: 73 °F and no use of A/C. ‘Highway’ figures a constant speed of 70 mph is assumed. ‘City’ figures a constant speed of 30 mph is assumed.