Zeekr 001 Review after a year of buying a new car

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Zeekr 001 Review

I wanted an electric car. Tesla? O no. I considered the Mercedes-Benz EQS, but it was in many ways inferior to the S-class, to which I was used, and this at a price of 170,000 euros. Having switched to the Zeekr 001 in the YOU configuration, I did not notice the difference in comfort and manufacturability. It’s unbelievable, but a fact. 

I especially like the sporty body — it’s the only Chinese car that doesn’t look Chinese.

Zeekr is a sub–brand of premium electric vehicles from Geely Concern. Immediately after its release, the Zeekr 001 broke 2 Guinness World Records as the fastest electric car in drift and slalom – 207.9 km/h in drift and slalom between 50 cones in 49.05 seconds. 

How much Zeekr 001 in US and Europe?

Zeekr 001 model is presented in three trim levels: WE, ME and top-end YOU. Depending on the configuration, the electric car will cost from $ 60,000 or 65,000 euros. 

How big is Zeekr 001?

The dimensions of the electric car are as follows: length – 4970 mm, width – 1999 mm, height – 1560 mm. The size of the wheelbase is 3005 mm, the diameter of the wheels is 21/22 inches. By the way, when choosing winter tires, pay attention to the size – the wrong one can affect the ride quality.

Zeekr 001 Features: Cameras, Face ID, Light Control …

Along the perimeter of the electric car there are 13 cameras with different functions: parking assistance, all–round view, autopilot, etc. Two more cameras are in the cabin, one of which performs the function of Face ID. 

With its help, the system can remember up to 10 faces. The owner of an electric car can give each user certain rights. Zeekr 001 also has 12 ultrasonic short-range radars that probe the terrain. 

In the interior of the Zeekr 001, attention is drawn to the panoramic roof with Light control (no, it does not open) and a 15.4-inch screen that controls almost everything in the car. 

By the way, in Zeekr 001, information from the screen is projected onto the windshield so that the driver does not have to be distracted from the road.

Zeekr 001 Interior: 

The interior finish of the Zeekr 001 is also not inferior to Western premium brands – thanks to alcantara and nappa leather, tactile sensations and comfort do not differ from those given by top-end cars like the Mercedes-Benz S-class.

The front seats are regulated by physical buttons, as in the classic version of cars with internal combustion engines – on the side. But they have a massage function – an absolute necessity for those who like to travel long distances. The back sofa is quite functional: there is a display through which you can adjust the temperature, change the position of the two parts of the backrest, turn on music and close the doors.

Zeekr 001 suspension and drive mode: 

The Zeekr suspension is in no way inferior to the suspension of any premium Mercedes. It has 4 modes, they are configured automatically. For me, the most optimal is comfort, the dynamics are more than enough. To get such dynamics on a car with an internal combustion engine, it must be at least a sports car.

I went to the sports track and tested the speed up to 120 mph on it. The car at speed does not lose any dynamics, grip, or stability. There is no fear of speed, which can be considered one of the main “disadvantages”. The speed in the car is not felt, this affects, of course, driving safety.

Zeekr 001 range summer/winter: 

The manufacturer claims that the range of the maximum configuration of the Zeekr 001 is 375 miles. In fact, of course, less. The owner of Zeekr 001 YOU has enough full battery charge, on average, for 290-310 miles in summer and about 190-230 miles in winter. You have to charge every 3 days.

Zeekr charging cables: 

Zeekr 001 owners will need adapters from CS2 to GB/TDK or CHAdeMO to GB/TDK, as well as from Type 2 to GB/TEAC. In Europe, the most common charging standards are still CCS2, CHAdeMO (DC) and Type 2 (AC).

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*Cold weather: 14 °F and use of heating. Mild weather: 73 °F and no use of A/C. ‘Highway’ figures a constant speed of 70 mph is assumed. ‘City’ figures a constant speed of 30 mph is assumed.