World’s Largest Charging Station For Electric Vehicles in 2023

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Electric Cars Charging

Shell and the Chinese manufacturer of electric cars BYD announced the opening of the world’s largest charging station for electric vehicles. At the same time, 258 cars will be able to replenish the energy reserve here.

A huge Shell Recharge charging station has opened near the airport of the Chinese city of Shenzhen, where BYD headquarters is located. In addition to charging points, the station has shops, cafes, vending machines and rest rooms for owners of electric vehicles.

In order not to aggravate the load on the local power grid, Shield Recharge was provided with the ability to generate electricity independently. The solar panels placed on the territory are capable of generating up to 300 thousand kWh of energy from renewable sources per year.

Shell currently has a network of 40,000 charging stations for electric vehicles around the world (about 25,000 of them are located in China). By 2030, the fuel concern expects to increase their number to 200 thousand.

According to Shell, already at the trial operation stage, the station serviced more than 3,300 electric cars per day. It is possible that in the future the capacity of the facility will be increased.

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