Why Elon Musk named Tesla Models like word “SEXY”?


Elon Musk’s naming of Tesla’s models with the letters spelling out “S3XY” was an intentional and playful choice that reflected his sense of humor and creativity. The original plan was to spell out “SEXY” with the model names, but due to trademark issues, the Model 3 was later adjusted to be represented as “Model 3.”

 Here’s a breakdown of the reasoning behind the naming:

  1. Model S: The Tesla Model S was Tesla’s first sedan, and its name represents “S” for “Sedan.” It’s the flagship model that showcased Tesla’s capabilities and innovation.

  2. Model 3: Originally intended to be named “Model E” to complete the “SEXY” sequence, Tesla had to change it due to a trademark dispute with another automaker. Musk then decided to use the numerical “3” as a substitute, forming a graphic representation of the “E.” Now we know it like Tesla Model 3

  3. Model X: The Tesla Model X represents the “X” in “SEXY.” It’s an all-electric SUV with distinctive Falcon Wing doors and a design that sets it apart.

  4. Model Y: The Tesla Model Y, completing the “SEXY” sequence, represents the “Y.” It’s a compact electric SUV that offers versatility and is positioned as a more affordable option compared to the Model X.

Elon Musk is known for his unconventional and sometimes whimsical approach to business and branding. The “SEXY” naming sequence garnered attention and added an element of fun to the naming convention of Tesla’s lineup. It’s worth noting that while the names were initially chosen for their playful connection, each of these models has proven its value and appeal in the electric vehicle market on its own merits.


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