Tesla Cybertruck & Space X Raptor

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Tesla Cybertrack was spotted while towing a SpaceX Raptor Vacuum rocket engine (1588 kg) near Starbase in Texas.

According to Tesla, Cybertruck can tow up to 6350 kg. Cybertrack capabilities indicate that Tesla conceived this car as a full-fledged working truck.

Cybertrack has been seen moving a SpaceX Raptor engine, probably intended for Starship. The trailer on which he was transported also seems very heavy and adds an electric pickup load. 

The question arises over what distances Cybertruck will be able to transport such large loads – the greater the load and power costs, the smaller the possible distance that an electric vehicle is able to overcome.

Even more interesting is how maneuverable the Tesla Cybertruck turned out to be thanks to the control of the rear wheels – especially when reversing with a large trailer. The large LED strips on the front and back of the Cybertruck are also shown in full glory, demonstrating high brightness.

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