Tesla Cybertruck Release Date – 30-th November, 2023

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Tesla Cybertruck release date

If you are planning to order a new most awaited pickup  from Tesla, then today I have good news for you.

Tesla has recently unleashed a treasure trove of information in their latest quarterly report. Brace yourselves, because the long-awaited day for the delivery of the electric Cybertruck pickups is set for November 30. And that’s not all – once Tesla’s Texas factory hits its stride, it’ll be churning out a jaw-dropping 125,000 of these pickups every year!

But here’s where it gets interesting: Tesla is going all out with the Cybertruck’s onboard network. It’s running at a hefty 800 volts, which means this beast can juice up its battery in a flash at those high-speed charging stations. 

According to Tesla, this electrifying upgrade is best suited for big and heavy electric vehicles like the Cybertruck. Plus, with the 4680 battery cells, they’ve cranked up the charge storage by a cool 10% compared to the Tesla Model Y. Exciting times ahead for electric truck fans!

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