Tesla Cybertruck in Europe. Limits, Bans, Restrictions, Prohibitions, Terms of Use


It can be expected that the Tesla Cybertrack electric car will be in good demand in the European market. But it will strongly depend on the cost of this model, difficulties with the supply of both the electric car itself and spare parts for it.

And, of course, from the price and supply of electric vehicles of Chinese brands, which are already winning the hearts of customers in the European market.

1. According to the technical specifications, the minimum weight of the all-wheel drive Tesla Cybertrack All-Wheel Drive is 2,995 kg. The load capacity is not specified, but taking into account the weight of six people in the cabin and additional luggage in the body, the gross weight will certainly exceed 3.5 tons.

In Europe, this automatically makes the Tesla Cybertrack a truck. A number of restrictions apply to such machines. Firstly, you will not be able to drive a pickup truck with a B passenger car driver’s license — you will have to undergo training and pass an exam on the ability to drive a truck and get a C category.

2. Tesla Cybercrack in Europe will not be able to travel further than the second lane on multi-lane highways, for example on autobahns.

3. Tesla Cybertruck in Europe is subject to a ban on truck parking and other similar restrictions.

Why do people want to buy this electric pickup Tesla Cybertruck?

The first Tesla pickup truck is unlike all other models of the company, not only in appearance, but also in design. This is a real Pickup with a large ground clearance and a body made of stainless steel on the principle of an armored capsule, when the external armored panels perform a supporting function.

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