Tesla Cybertruck Crash Test Official. Why We Want To See It?

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A couple of months ago, Tesla showed part of the recording of the crash test of the 2023 Tesla Cybertruck As a future buyer of this model, I was really looking forward to the full version of Tesla Cybertruck Crash Test video. Unfortunately, Tesla has not released the full version and this is not surprising. After all, in this way she heats up interest in her brand and new model. 


Since yesterday Tesla announced the start of sales of Tesla Cybertruck and the first loading of them to its customers (you can watch this on our video channel), I hope that in the near future we will be able to see the full version of the crash test. And now I will tell you why I and similar future buyers are waiting for this crash test.

People eagerly await crash tests of new car models for several reasons:

  1. Safety Assessment: Crash tests provide objective information about how vehicles perform in various collision scenarios. This allows buyers and society to assess the safety level of the new model and make informed decisions.

  2. Brand Trust: Successful crash tests reinforce trust in the car brand. If a new model demonstrates good results in crash tests, it can confirm the company’s reputation as a manufacturer of safe vehicles.

  3. Transparency: Publishing crash test results demonstrates transparency and accountability to potential buyers and society. This can contribute to establishing long-term customer relationships.

  4. Comparison with Competitors: Crash tests enable the comparison of the safety of a new model with similar models from other manufacturers. Buyers can use these comparisons to decide which car to choose.

  5. Reference for Media and Experts: Crash test results attract attention from both automotive experts and the media. Experts and journalists can analyze the results and draw conclusions about the quality and safety of the new model.

  6. Public Interest: Society is generally interested in car safety and events related to car collisions. Crash test results can spark discussions and raise public awareness about road safety.

Overall, crash tests are a crucial tool for assessing vehicle safety, and the anticipation of these test results is linked to buyers’ and society’s interest in road safety.

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