45% Tesla models have autopilot with a potential vulnerability and danger.

Tesla will recall over 2 million electric vehicles due to problems with Autostar’s automatic steering.

The recall campaign will affect the Model S, which were released in 2012-2023, Model X (2016-2023), Model 3 (2017-2023) and Model (2020-2023). A total of 2,031,220 electric vehicles equipped with the Autosteer system will be recalled.

In some circumstances, with autopilot turned on, when the driver “is not responsible for driving and is not ready to intervene in control if necessary or cannot recognize whether the Autosteer system is working, the risk of an accident may increase,” the NHTSA said.

In May, the Chinese authorities ordered Tesla to carry out a large-scale recall of electric vehicles. The service campaign affected 1,104,622 vehicles. The reason was the operation of the energy recovery system, or rather, the driver’s lack of choice of recovery mode. We are talking about braking by an engine, which at the same time acts as a generator and returns some of the energy to the battery. Recovery is activated by both pressing the brake and releasing the accelerator pedal.

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